With her background of over 30 years of working with the human body as a professional ballet dancer, Pilates Instructor and massage therapist, Melinda has a strong first-hand understanding of how the body moves. She believes that movement is a fundamental building block of health. Melinda focusses on restoring motion where it has been lost in the belief that improved structure leads to improved overall function, and vice versa. Symptomatic relief is the first goal, followed by optimising the function of the body. Empowering the patient to understand and manage their pain, as well as addressing any factors that contribute to that pain is a key part of Melinda’s osteopathic care.

Melinda holds a Master of Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences from Southern Cross University, and holds current registration with AHPRA. She is interested in assisting with a wide variety of complaints, including back pain, neck pain and headaches. Melinda uses a wide variety of techniques ranging from cranial work to joint manipulations, depending on the patient’s needs. Since the birth of her two sons, she has developed a keen interest in working with babies, children and their parents and is currently undertaking further studies in paediatric osteopathy.

Previously, Melinda enjoyed many years as a highly successful international ballet dancer, dancing with the Dutch National Ballet amongst others. On her return to Australia, Melinda trained and has taught as a Pilates Instructor for 18 years, as well as working as a massage therapist at Eden Health Retreat.

Her further studies in body psychotherapy and connection parenting allow Melinda to weave together her love and knowledge of the healing arts with her scientific background, for optimal integrated wellbeing.

Her approach is truly holistic, and she aims to partner with her patients to help them achieve their health and wellbeing goals.