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Osteopathy is a manual therapy that believes in the natural self-healing capacity of the body. Our bodies are incredible at adapting to our environment and the stresses and strains that occur over our lives. Sometimes, the stresses can overwhelm our capacity and we need a helping hand to remind and support the body to return to homeostasis.

Osteopathy for children is considered a gentle, non-manipulative approach that supports the child as he or she grows and adapts to the bumps and strains that are part of daily life. Osteopathy addresses the whole body, including sports injuries and biomechanical changes. A branch of osteopathy, called cranial osteopathy, addresses the inherent self-healing potency of the cranial system. It proposes that there is a natural and vital movement of the cranial bones, the nervous system, it’s coverings and the fluid that surrounds and nourishes the system.

An increasingly common area of concern for many parents is the development of the face and jaw. Osteopathy can help support the child’s body as it adapts to prescribed myofunctional exercises and orthodontic work.

As an osteopath with a keen personal and professional interest in helping children, Melinda regularly attends professional training to deepen her skill and understanding in osteopathy and the development of the face and jaw.

Some orthodontic devices allow more of the natural movement of the cranial bones (this movement has been scientifically confirmed during an MRI, although the purpose of the movement is not fully understood yet by science), and some systems allow less. It can be a tricky decision for parents and Melinda aims to support both the parents and the child as they navigate the different choices on the road to optimal physical development.